Human health and safety is our priority

We’ve spent years formulating revolutionary products to replace the toxic products used today in scientific research and other professions in which tissue is preserved. 
Our products are safe for the environment, and most importantly, safe for people.
A non-toxic embalming fluid for medical education and mortuary science Learn more
A revolutionary, non-toxic tissue fixative used in pathology and clinical labs to preserve biopsies, internal organs, limbs and cells. Learn more


Benefits of using GreenMBalm™ and GreenTissueFix™ products

Our mission

Provide safe and green solutions for tissue preservation, positively impacting human health, medical research, and the environment

What our customers say about Green Solutions

Using GreenMBalm was like working with a fresh body straight from the morgue.

- Gross Anatomy Program Director from North Carolina

GreenMBalm is a game changer in anatomical preservation.... by far the best body I've experienced.

- Embalmer from Illinois

The students loved working with your product and are excited about the university completely changing over to it

- Gross Anatomy Program Director from Illinois

It’s a shame I will be using formaldehyde tomorrow knowing this product exists.

- Embalmer from Kentucky

GreenMBalm is a great product, promoting a better learning environment for students in human anatomy.

- Associate Professor of Cell Biology from North Carolina

Far superior to any embalming fluid on the market— kept the body out for 21 days!

- Embalmer from North Carolina