Better Body. Better Outcomes.

When the quality of body preservation and the quality of education matters in teaching and learning human anatomy, Green Solutions Group (GSG) is here to help. Our embalming products produce a far better specimen for the educational learning experience, it is more forgiving when teaching, more lifelike, and has longevity. Educators in anatomy are telling us that by using our products, students are better prepared for what they will encounter in real-life practice.

Here at Green Solutions Group, we realize that your hands have been tied for a century because toxic chemicals have been the only option in tissue preservation. Times have changed, now there are totally green, nontoxic embalming alternatives that produce life-like specimens. Medical professionals now have safer options versus exposure to carcinogenic and toxic chemicals when working with human tissue in anatomy and pathology.

A nontoxic embalming fluid for medical education and mortuary science Learn more
A revolutionary, nontoxic tissue fixative used in pathology and clinical labs to preserve biopsies, internal organs, limbs and cells. Learn more

Benefits of using GreenMBalm™ products

Better training and learning outcomes
Learners are better prepared and become more competent when they are learning with donors that look and feel like real patients.
Easier dissection
Dissections are easier because there is not overwhelming vapors and tissue pliability is excellent. You can do more intricate dissections because the face can be closer to the body.
Life-like specimens
The quality of the body preservation is important for learning, including having realistic coloration of organs and muscles, better elasticity of tissues, and improved flexibility of the body.
Maximize donor gifts
A nontoxic “green” option can be marketed to donor families, resulting in increased revenue for anatomical services.

Customer Testimonials

Using cadavers embalmed with GreenMBalm was like having a fresh body straight from the morgue.

- Anatomist, NC Health Science School

When using your surgical training fluid, it’s hard to tell the difference in preserved tissue and tissue in a live patient.

- Surgeon, MA Hospital

GreenMBalm is a game changer in anatomical preservation … by far the best body I’ve experienced.

- Embalmer, Illinois

The students loved working with your product and are excited about the university completely changing over to it.

- Willed Body Program Director, NC University

GreenMBalm is a great product, promoting a better learning environment for students in human anatomy.

- Professor, Cell Biology, LA