The main preservative component of GreenMBalm® is a specially blended ethanol, along with other nontoxic proprietary aids. This specially formulated ethanol is described as a grade approved by the FDA, which is safe for humans and can have medical applications as an antiseptic and/or disinfectant.
As with all anatomical specimens, this is dependent on many factors, including the pathology of the deceased, the quality of the embalming process, and the care of the donor during use. That being said, we have found through our research that donors preserved with GreenMBalm® last about as long as those preserved with traditional formaldehyde/phenol, while requiring less maintenance.  
GSG’s current formula contains multiple antimicrobial agents to destroy microorganisms or prevent their development. Serology testing has proven that GreenMBalm® destroys HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C, and COVID viruses at a rate of 99.95%.
GSG’s anatomical fluid is ready to use. For general application, use 2.5 gallons for every 50 pounds of body weight. Because water quality varies throughout the US, we tested pharmaceutical-grade deionized water. This resulted in excellent preservation, and thus, is what we use in our fluid. 
Standard formaldehyde preservation is known as “hard cure,” which involves rigid fixation of all tissues. Ammonium Nitrate preservation, or “soft cure,” results in complete pliability of all tissues. GreenMBalm® falls in the middle. The tissues are rigid enough for dissection and study, yet personnel benefit from vessel elasticity, proper coloration of internal organs, red muscles, lung inflatability, and more.
GreenMBalm® was evaluated by independent third parties based on the toxicity classification criteria outlined in 16 C.F.R. §1500 of the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA), under the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations (CCCR, 2001), and the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA). Our products do not pose a chronic toxicity hazard and are deemed nontoxic via oral, dermal, and inhalation routes of exposure.
Based on feedback from anatomists, donors preserved with GreenMBalm® offer the most realistic tissue quality experience. This enhances both the teaching and learning process in the anatomy laboratory, as well as better prepares undergraduate medical students for what they will encounter in a clinical setting.

In order to conduct a proper cost comparison, one must look at the bigger picture beyond the price tag of an embalming solution. 

For example, there are various benefits associated with GreenMBalm® that offset its cost:

  • Nontoxic nature eliminates the need for disposal of hazardous waste.
  • Reduces shipping and electrical costs.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive HVAC systems to manage toxic vapors.
  • Increases longevity of preserved tissue or bodies.

Furthermore, one must consider the opportunity cost of nontoxic embalming, including:

  • Makes embalming easier, requiring less time and effort.
  • Reduces the curing time of the donor by months.
  • Gives embalmers the opportunity to work longer without needing breaks due to exposure.
  • Empowers faculty and students to feel safer as they engage in dissection and learning without the added stress of toxic chemicals.

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