About us

About Us

Our Story

Green Solutions Group’s story began in June 1994.  GSG’s founder, Larry Kennedy was providing animal specimens for use in biological education.  He entered a lab and the first thing he noticed was an overpowering, pungent, suffocating odor.  Within 2 minutes, his eyes were running, nose and throat were burning, and he felt a tightness in his chest.  He thought he was having a heart attack.  His only focus was to get quickly out of the lab.  That was his first introduction to formaldehyde and he relayed, “it was the most negative experience I’ve ever had in a laboratory.  I reflected what just happened in that lab and thought that nobody I’ve ever known would enjoy what I just experienced.  In reflection, this experience changed the course of my life.”

After Larry’s exposure, he began to research the fluids used in tissue preservation. He was amazed to learn that toxic chemicals were the only options in tissue preservation.  He also learned that each day, millions of people are exposed to toxic chemicals that have cause both short and long-term health issues.

It became Larry’s passion to create nontoxic tissue preservatives and after twelve (12) years, he and his team broke the toxic code in tissue preservation.  According to Larry, “Twelve years is a long time to spend trying to solve a problem.  To be totally transparent, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to quit in this journey.  But I could not quit.  WHY?  First, I couldn’t quit on myself, but more importantly, I couldn’t quit on the millions of people who would benefit from the creation of these products. This kept me going until the problem was solved.”

In Larry’s journey, he has spoken with hundreds of medical professionals, and likes to engage doctors and surgeons by asking, “Can you tell me about your most memorable experience in medical school, and specifically in gross anatomy?”  Overwhelming, their responses have always been about their initial exposure to formaldehyde.  One can see them “living” their own experience as they tell their story, even if the experience happened decades ago.  Larry said, “I’ve never heard one story where any doctor or surgeon provided positive information about their exposure to formaldehyde.”

Larry and the GSG team are passionate about GSG’s products. We believe it is time for a positive change in advancing tissue preservation practices into the future with sustainable and environmentally safe products.

Our Team

GSG’s has a diverse team that is committed to our mission of protecting health and the environment in tissue preservation.  We strongly believe that reducing “forever” chemicals in tissue preservation.

Larry Kennedy

Founder and CEO

Larry is a strong leader and business executive with an excellent track record consisting of operations, sales and business development. His breadth of knowledge includes the insurance, life sciences and transportation industries. He was a president of a supply company providing preserved specimens used in biological education market and to this day remains an entrepreneur who can negotiate exclusive contracts and serve as a major supplier and intermediary to life science companies.

He is a US Air Force veteran and recipient of Air Force Commendation Medal and Honor Graduate, NCO Leadership School.

Shawna Lemon


Shawna is a strategic leader who is able to combine scientific training, legal training and business acumen to make the best decisions for the company. She manages initiatives encompassing risk management, litigation, human resources, business policy, strategic planning, and intellectual property. Moreover, Shawna is also the co-founder and co-managing shareholder of Stanek Lemon Crouse & Meeks, PA.

She holds a Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences/Pharmacology from the University of South Carolina, a J.D., from the University of North Carolina, and a B.S., in Biology from Wofford College.

Sparky Stroud


Sparky is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in manufacturing, cardboard box and container-manufacturing industries. He is an innovative leader that brings to the table his operational and sales experience which transforms his organization to remain competitive in the market. Sparky effectively manages employee talent and partnership engagement and has also served on the Board of Directors for numerous non-profit organizations.

He holds a BS in Business from High Point University and is a proud veteran of the US Army.

Our mission

Delivering nontoxic solutions that provide superior results

Nontoxic tissue preservatives have never existed in the marketplace.  Removing toxicity from hospitals, diagnostic and medical labs, medical and health science schools, and funeral homes is one of our highest priorities.  GSG believes the use of toxic chemicals in tissue preservation is contrary to protecting human health and the environment.  We care deeply about eliminating short and long-term health issues caused by being exposed to carcinogenic and toxic chemicals in the workplace.

Delivering “green” products that enhance the practice of medicine globally while protecting human health and the environment.