GSG’s products are designed for tissue preservation in (1) medical education and surgical training, (2) medical field, specifically pathology and subsets, and (3) the funeral industry. Our products are designed to help you offer safer practices that stay away from toxic embalming solutions and tissue preservatives.

Medical education

There is not any model or training device that includes the necessary level of detail to a human body, especially the aspects of human tissue for effective and realistic training. Donors embalmed with GSG’s nontoxic fluids help people stay safe and helps to maximize a donor’s gift by better preservation. Nontoxic embalming elevates both medical and surgical training to a whole other level.

Speciality markets: Anatomical and Surgical Training Embalming

Mortuary Science

A nontoxic fluid offers the potential for green burial. GSG is providing alternative products that have minimal environmental impact and protects workers health.

Speciality markets: Funeral Homes

Medical Field

The purpose of creating Green Tissue Fix™ (GTF) was to (1) protect human health in the pathology lab, (2) do our part to reduce the use of “forever chemicals”, and (3) optimize currently used fixation protocols in the pathology lab by using nontoxic products. GSG is validating the scientific and technical feasibility of GTF as a tissue fixative. We believe protecting human health in pathology labs should be a high priority.

Speciality markets: Medical and Diagnostic labs

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